How to Setup Domain Redirects

Video Tutorial:


Domain redirects can be set up with your domain registrar, usually for free. You can connect as many subdomains as you want to Convertri, as long as you've set them up with your registrar.

  1. In the Dashboard, click Account. Then, click Domains in the left hand menu.
  2. Click Records next to the subdomain you wish to edit. Click Add a Record.
  3. Click to choose CONVERTRI from the record type dropdown menu.
  4. Enter your subdomain in the Name field, then click Create.

NOTE: Adding a subdomain via CONVERTRI record will create that subdomain if it does not exist, or configure everything properly if it already exists. When you have a preexisting custom subdomain added via CNAME, that subdomain may signal that it’s not correctly configured. To fix this, just add a CONVERTRI record type for your subdomain to make sure that your site is pointing to Convertri.

Setting up a Subdomain via CNAME

This is a little more complex alternative to the above option.

NOTE: These are general instructions. The exact process will depend on your registrar. If you get stuck, consult their help documentation.

  1. Log into your domain registrar, and head to the configuration panel of the domain you want to use. This is usually next to its name.
  2. Find the section that lets you edit domain name entries. This is usually called something like Manage DNS, Advanced DNS or DNS Zone Editor.
  3. You need to add or change your www record so it points to Convertri. Some hosts will have already created a www record for you: if not, you’ll need to add one.
  4. Create or edit your www record using these settings:

TYPE: CNAME (choose this option if you’re creating a new record. If editing an existing record and with a different type, delete the record and start a new one.)

HOST (or DOMAIN or NAME): www


TTL: 1 hour (or shorter - the value may be number of seconds)

NOTE: A dot at the end of the domains may be required. Check your individual domain registrar. If you get an error message, add or take away the dot and try again.

5. Save your changes.

Now it’s time to add the custom domain in Convertri.

  1. Log into the Dashboard and click Account, then Domains in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Add under Add a Custom Domain via CNAME.
  3. Enter your custom domain, and click Add. Do NOT use the http:// prefix, and make sure it’s exactly the same as what you entered in the HOST field in your domain registrar’s www record, without the dot (if you used it). Note: the value of the Host field may be different between domain registrars/DNS service providers.
  4. If successful, your new site will be added and you’ll be able to add funnels and pages as usual. Be aware that sometimes it takes a little while for the settings to update, so you may not see changes immediately. If you visit your domain immediately after, you’ll see a 404 error until you add a funnel and page.

NOTE: If you want more subdomains of your custom domain on Convertri (e.g., they’ll need to be published as separate sites and you will need to repeat this process for each one. Also, when you've set up, will not work automatically.  You'll need to set up a redirect, as explained in this article.