How to Set Up Google Forms

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It’s easy to integrate Google Forms on your Convertri page seamlessly. First, integrate the form onto your page:

  1. In the Page Builder, click Forms in the top toolbar. Then click HTML Forms in the left hand menu, then New Form, then Google Form.

  2. Enter your Google Form’s URL. Click Import.

  3. Enter a name for your form, and note the number of visible fields in the status message matches the number of form fields you set up when you created your Google Form. (NOTE: Convertri currently does not support certain form elements such as dropdown menus or radio buttons. If you have these in your form, you will not be able to collect responses for those questions on your Convertri page. You can still set up the form on your page, but if responses are required users will be redirected to your Google Form after they hit Submit.)

  4. Click Create. Then, click the Use button next to your form’s name. Click Done.

Next, it’s time to build the form on your page.

  1. In the Elements Tray, click Form Elements. Drag over the number of form fields you require to match your Google Form, and add a Submit button.

  2. Next, select your first form input element, and in its Properties Panel, go to Input Properties, and change the placeholder text to what you require. Then, go to Form Field Settings. In the Assigned Form Field dropdown, choose the field from your Google Form to match, and choose if it’s Required (this makes sure responses get matched to the correct questions). If your text field is an email address, choose Email from the Validation dropdown, and this will make sure the text entered is a valid email.

  3. Repeat for each form field, mapping the form input element to its corresponding form field.
  4. Select your Submit button, and in the Properties panel, head to Button Settings. Make sure the button mode is set to Sign Up.

  5. Click Save, and Publish. 

Try your form out by heading to your page, entering responses and hitting your Submit button. If successful, you’ll see the thank you page you set up in Google. If your form contains required fields you haven’t (or were unable to) set up in Convertri, you’ll be redirected to the Google Forms page.

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