How to Set Up Cart Abandonment

Video Tutorial:


A cart abandonment email is one sent automatically when a customer hasn’t completed the checkout process. It’s useful for sending out incentives, reminders, or other messages to customers who may have changed their mind.

You can set up cart abandonment in Convertri by using the checkout modal. All you need to do is make sure your page has a product, an email form, and a submit button (and that you have an autoresponder already integrated).

First, create the form:

  1. In the Page Builder, make sure your page has an email input element added, or add one now from the Elements Tray > Form Inputs.
  2. With the email input element selected, go to its Properties Panel. Click Form Field Settings, and under Assigned Field Type, choose Email.
  3. Your page also needs a Submit button. Add one now from the Elements Tray > Form Inputs, or click to select the existing one. In its Properties Panel, choose Button Settings. Under Mode, choose Checkout.

Next, you’ll need to set up a new list for customers who abandon their cart in your autoresponder service, and then configure your message to send automatically to new subscribers (check your autoresponders help docs on how to do this).

Once you have a cart abandonment list, or if you already have one, come back to the Page Builder:

  1. Click Products in the top toolbar, then click Cart Abandonment.
  2. Choose your autoresponder service, then the list you wan’t them added to.
  3. Click Save and Close.

That’s it! Now, when anyone submits their email but leaves your page before they complete the checkout process, your autoresponder will automatically send your cart abandonment message.