How to Change Your Page Background

Video Tutorial:


It's easy to change the background of your page to an image or solid colour in the Convertri Page Builder.

To select a solid colour page background:

1. Click on Page in the top toolbar.

2. Under Background Color, click the colour picker to choose the shade you'd like. If you know the exact RGB value you want, you can type that in here.

To select an image background:

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 14.14.59.png

1. Click on Page in the top toolbar.

2. Under Background Image, click the folder to open the image selector. Choose your image, or upload a new one.

3. Then, under Background Repeat, choose if you want the image to repeat across, vertically, not at all, or cover the entire page.If you have a transparent .PNG, you can combine background options to display a solid colour behind the image.