Using Snap Lines

Video Tutorial:


A helpful feature in the Page Editor is the ability to snap elements over to where they'll look best on the page. Snap Lines are invisible guides which help you arrange your page so everything goes where it's supposed to.

1. Add some elements to your page.

2. Move the mouse over the element you want to move, and you'll see a four-pointed arrow. Click and drag to move the element around the page.

3. When the element comes into line with other elements, you'll see pink vertical or horizontal lines making it clear where the element is in relation to others.

4. Use the pink lines as a guide to line up your elements perfectly. You'll also see pink lines every 10px to the left or right of a main line, allowing you to create gutters and staggered layouts, and they originate from every element's edge and middle.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 12.17.10.png

Convertri will automatically snap an element to these pink lines when you move close enough, but if you don't want to use this feature you can turn it off simply by clicking the Display button in the top toolbar.