How to Add Custom HTML

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Adding custom HTML lets you add any element you wish to your page, from social timelines to hit counters and other widgets: if it's got code, you can add it.

NOTE: Adding your own HTML code makes the possibilities endless - but also means we can't guarantee your code will work. Always make backups, ensure your HTML is valid, and only use third-party code you trust.

Your HTML might look and work differently in the Page Builder vs your published page. Always – always! - click Preview and make sure everything's working before you go live.

1. In the Elements Tray, click on the HTML element to add it to your page.

2. With the HTML element selected, click on HTML Element Properties in the Properties Panel. Choose if you want scrollbars visible, then click Edit HTML.

3. Enter your custom HTML code, and click Save.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.16.30.png

NOTE: Your HTML element might not look how you expect in the Page Builder, so it's a good idea to check everything's working by hitting Preview Changes before you publish. (It’s not an error if your HTML element doesn’t display properly in the editor view: it just means it’s easier for Convertri to display a placeholder instead of foreign code that might interfere with the canvas.)

Preview HTML in Editor

Toggling Preview HTML in Editor ON, will allow you to view the HTML code you’ve put into Edit HTML on the page instead of using the page preview function


Toggling the scrollbars on will display scrollbars if the content overflows.

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