How to Add a Background Video

Video Tutorial:


NOTE: If the mute switch is not on, your video will not autoplay in most browsers, regardless of whether or not the video has any sound.

Video backgrounds help boost conversions - that's why we love them! Here's how to create a background video for your page:

  1. Before you begin: if your video is not hosted on YouTube, it's a good idea to put a still image or panel element behind the video, so that devices that cannot (or won't) play the video will show where it is. Drag over an Image or Panel element, and resize it where your video will go. (YouTube videos will always show a thumbnail, so you don't need a background.)
  2. When you're ready to add your video, click Media in the Elements Tray, then click Video. It'll show up as a black box: this is normal, and you can see how everything will look in the final version by clicking Preview. Position it over your background panel or image.
  3. With the video element selected, click on Video Properties in the Properties panel. Enter your video's source URL in the source box in the toolbar. Remember: your videos aren't hosted in Convertri, so you'll need to store them somewhere else. Choose if you want the video muted.
  4. Make the video full width by clicking Full Width in the Quick Actions toolbar, and change its height by dragging the handles. If you’re adding your video after you’ve added other elements, you may also want to use Send to Back.
  5. Switch 'Mute' to on.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.11.15.png

That's all you need to do - just remember that your video won't play while in the Page Builder to keep things running smoothly. Once you hit Preview or view your published page, your video will play as normal.

NOTE: Only some mobile devices support autoplaying videos, and non-muted videos are often blocked from autoplaying.