How to Share a Page



It’s easy to share your pages with other Convertri users by generating a share code or share link.

To do this:

  1. In the Dashboard, navigate to the funnel containing the page you want to share, and click Edit.
  2. On the card of the page you want to share, find the 3-dot menu and then click More.

  3. A dialog will open. You should see ‘Share’ as an option right away – if not, select the ACTIONS tab. Click Share.

  4. You’ll see two options – a share link and a share code. You can use either one, they’ll both have the same result. Links are easier if you’re sending people their pages online; the share code is better if you’re providing a document where the link may not be clickable.

  5. You can automatically copy the link or the code to your clipboard by clicking them. Any Convertri user you give it to will be able to import a copy of your page.

To import pages from a link:

  1. Just click it. If you’re logged in to Convertri, you’ll automatically be taken to the preview of the page and whether to ‘Exit the to Dashboard’ or ‘Import the page’.

    If you select ‘Import the page’ you will be asked which domain and funnel you’d like the page added to.

To import pages from a share code:

  1. In your Dashboard, find the funnel you’d like to import the page into, and click Edit.
  2. Select Import Page.

  3. In the dialog that appears, paste the share code into the Enter a Shared Code box and give the Imported page a name.
  4. Click Import, and the page will be added to your funnel.

Note: By default the pages card is arrangedand displayeded in the Freeform View to change the view choose Grid View or List View.

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