Simulation of a 30-day Projection - Part 1



This help doc will give you two scenarios of a business coach using Simulatri to plan out two funnels. The first scenario in Part 1 will be a simple funnel that includes Paid Traffic, an Application Page, and a Checkout Page. Part 2 will cover the second scenario where we show you how adding an opt-in could improve results.

Case Scenario 1 - Dummy Profile

Carol is a Business Coach who coaches women holding positions in the corporate world. Carol has over a decade of experience working as a Marketing Strategist for Fortune 500 companies. She uses Facebook ads to target women who were once in her shoes. The main product that she sells is a  1-on-1 Coaching Plan for $1,000.

Case Scenario 1 - Funnel Design

Here’s the simple funnel which has been working pretty well for her. 

Carol pays $5 per click in paid traffic and generates 600 clicks a month. To reflect this, add a Paid Traffic element to your funnel designer and open the Element Properties panel on the right. You can also change the name of the element to reflect the source of Paid Traffic as we did in the example below.

Next, we’re going to hook the Paid Traffic element to an Application Page because that’s where Carol is going to send the traffic to. In the Application Page, her leads will learn about her experience and expertise and hopefully, sign up and purchase her $1,000 coaching sessions.

To hook the elements, drag out an Application Page element from the Elements Tray on the left and double click the green dot on the Paid Traffic element. Then, click on the Application Page element.

Setting the Conversion Rate for Paid Traffic

Now let’s say that of the 600 clicks generated per month, 10% fill out the Application form. That’s 60 hits who view Carol’s offer of 1-on-1 Coaching Plan. To set the conversion rate, select the Application Page, open the Elements Properties panel and select, Conversions. Type 10.

Adding a Checkout Page

Once you hook the Application Page to the Checkout Page, you’ll see the conversion rate of the Application Page, reflected on the Checkout Page as the number of hits that it received.

Adding a Product to the Checkout Page

Next, let’s say that of the 10% of hits (60 hits) who view the Application Form, only 12% (7 people) will convert and purchase Carol’s 1-on-1 Coaching Plan. With the Checkout Page element selected, open the Elements Properties panel and select Conversions. Change the Conversion Rate to 12%

To add a product, click Choose Product.

Click Add Product, and either select a product from the dropdown menu under Select product, or select Create New and name the product, 1-on-1 Coaching Plan. Make sure to set the price to $1,000. Select Create when you’re finished. Then click OK, and OK again to return to the funnel designer.

Remember that you can change the name of the Checkout Page element card to describe the product. Here’s what the funnel for Case Scenario 1 looks like:

Simulating a 30-Day Projection Funnel Design for Scenario 1

Finally, click on Simulate on the top right corner of your screen to see the 30-Day Projection of this funnel design.

Carol has sold 7 units of her 1-on-1 Coaching Plan and generated a revenue of $7,000. Even though the paid traffic eats up almost half of the revenue ($3,000), Carol makes a profit of $4,000 a month which she is happy with.

Now let’s see what happens when we add an Opt-in Page and Sales Page to the funnel!  Part 2 will cover the second scenario and show you how adding these to your funnel designer can simulate a better outcome.